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Assisted Living Websites – Battle for Conversion

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More than one million Americans currently live in senior care facilities, and that number is expected to nearly double by the year 2030. In addition,.

How Phases and Personas Help App Development

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The decision to create a new app can be an enormous one. There are so many aspects to consider that the process may often seem.

User Experience Becoming More and More Important

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Just as consumers turn to mobile apps to save them time when shopping, or to gather information, or even to listen to their favorite music,.

Output vs. Outcomes – Project Management Tips

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You can think of output versus outcomes in project management in much the same way as the adage “quality over quantity.” Simply put, when you.

How to Drive Revenue to Your Agency

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One of the best ways to drive revenue to your marketing agency is to come up with a plan for content writing. After all, content.

Myth #5 Content Comes Last – Why Good Website Content is Important for Brand Building

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If you run a business, then your goal is to sell a product or service to consumers. However, to sell those products and services, it’s.

Myth #4 Information “Above The Fold” – Is Too Much Scrolling Bad for Conversions?

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In today’s digital age, and especially when it comes to the information discovered via smartphones and tablets, it’s hard to fit everything you want to.

Myth #3 Following the Three-Click Rule – 5 Downfalls from a Sloppy Navigation

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No matter how stellar your content might be, and no matter how vivid and relevant your images, if your visitors can’t properly navigate your website,.

Myth #2 User Personas – Why Building User Personas is More Important than you Think

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When developing a website, a common mistake many business owners make involves not building user personas. Some feel it is too expensive, (myth #2 that’s.

Myth #2 User Personas – How User Personas can Help Increase Website Conversion

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Websites are a great marketing tool; however, they do not necessarily lead to new customers. A website targeted toward the right user persona is needed.