User Personas

Empathy and User Experience

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Empathy is the act of feeling the same emotions as another person, or attempting to walk a mile in his or her shoes. It’s more.

How to Use Behavioral Data to Reduce User Frustration

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How people react while on a website greatly affects their user experience. If people become frustrated, the odds of converting leads into sales greatly diminishes..

User Experience Becoming More and More Important

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Just as consumers turn to mobile apps to save them time when shopping, or to gather information, or even to listen to their favorite music,.

Myth #2 User Personas – How Personas can Help Website User Experience

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Personas are not just useful as a marketing tool, as they can also help customers get the most out of your website. Here are a.

Myth #2 User Personas – 5 Things Personas Help you Understand about your Business

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The second myth we debunk in our e-book is that developing personas is too expensive. The reason many business owners feel this way is that.