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LMS / LTI Integration for SaaS Companies & Higher Education

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OVERVIEW OF TECHNOLOGY LMS – Learning Management Systems Electronic educational technology or e-learning courses and training programs require the use of a Learning Management System.

How Phases and Personas Help App Development

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The decision to create a new app can be an enormous one. There are so many aspects to consider that the process may often seem.

A Breakdown on Digital Trike’s On-boarding Approach

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As a customer software development firm, Digital Trike’s approach of “Think, Design, Code, Optimize” is utilized in developing your company’s mobile application, website or software.

WordPress Finally Found its Way to the .Net Landscape

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If you run a website, then chances are good that you use (or have used) WordPress. It’s one of the simplest and most powerful tools.

Are .Net Languages Changing?

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Microsoft gave developers a real treat recently when a series of blogs described upcoming changes to .Net language development. Those who work with C# and.

Myth #3 Following the Three-Click Rule – Why Reducing Your Clicks Is the Way to Go

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Whether you’re trying to sell a product or service, provide information, or gather leads, it’s always best to follow a three-click rule. Essentially, this means.

Myth #3 Following the Three-Click Rule – Planning a New Site? Why Nailing the Wireframe Is Important

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Many people start the website planning process with aesthetics. This means that they focus more on what the finished product will look like than the.

Myth #3 Following the Three-Click Rule – 5 Downfalls from a Sloppy Navigation

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No matter how stellar your content might be, and no matter how vivid and relevant your images, if your visitors can’t properly navigate your website,.

Myth #2 User Personas – How Personas can Help Website User Experience

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Personas are not just useful as a marketing tool, as they can also help customers get the most out of your website. Here are a.

Myth #2 User Personas – 5 Things Personas Help you Understand about your Business

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The second myth we debunk in our e-book is that developing personas is too expensive. The reason many business owners feel this way is that.