5 Facebook Mistakes to Avoid

Facebook is a phenomenon that has taken over the business world. There are few companies you’ll find who aren’t dabbling in social media or promoting business through Facebook. But the basics can be the easily misunderstood or even overlooked completely. Even simple page setup can be confusing for many first-timers. Thanks to our friends at Mashable with this article, here are some reasons that small businesses may fail at Facebook:

    1. Over-broadcasting your message. Most Facebook users like certain pages because of what content is offered and how engaging the posts are. They are definitely not swayed by how often you comment about how great you are or awesome your business ideals are. The number one mistake is over-sharing your message instead of providing regular relevant, interesting content You need to engage with your audience, not lecture them on how cool you are. The goal is to feel like part of a community.


    1. Setting it up and forgetting it. Most businesses think once they build it, fans will come. Not quite. Facebook is a big commitment of time and effort, almost a lifestyle change. It needs to be updated and monitored constantly. Fans are looking for a quick response or new information and businesses need to be prepared to facilitate.


    1. Being a snoozer. Facebook is a social site. Friends and fans post things that are funny, helpful and interesting. Don’t be boring. Mix up your posts. Topics, questions, links, videos, pictures, whatever. Once you start getting feedback, you’ll become addicted to social media.


    1. Improper use of mechanics and tools. Facebook has a lot of interesting functionality that small businesses rarely use. Try creating a custom welcome page or jazz up your info page. Another frequent mistake is not utilizing the profile image correctly. Only a portion of the image is shown in the news feed and many logos get cut off.  Then you are eternally branded as a partial logo (until you figure it out and fix it, of course).


    1. Violating Facebook’s terms (uh-oh). Read through the terms and agreements page. I think you’ll be surprised at what you can and cannot do. One mentioned earlier is make sure you setup the right kind of page. Its not a profile or a group, there is a specific business page. And watch out for tagging people without their permission (kind of surprising really); even running some contests can be a violation. Just make sure you read the rules before playing the social media game.


Don’t forget to engage with your fans like you would in real life (even though it’s a website). Small businesses are the kings of connecting to people on a personal level. So adapt. Step into the new medium. Are you still feeling timid? We can help! Contact us to learn how you can break into social media.