A Modern Treasure Hunt

Who doesn’t enjoy a good scavenger hunt? Decoding riddles and finding the treasure will get anyone excited. Have you ever heard of Geocaching? Well, this infamous activity isn’t for your average, faint hearted, 8-year old birthday party. This is the grown up version that is the best hobby you haven’t heard of. The greatest part is, this hidden treasure is right in your backyard and in places that should be so obvious but you’d never think to look. Here is how it works:

Your goal is to find hidden containers, called geocaches. These can be any shape or size and are located everywhere outside. And I mean everywhere. Some are simple with just a book to sign that “You’ve Been Here” and other have some swag you can trade for some of your own, like stickers, patches and other random paraphernalia. You never know what you might find inside of these geocaches.

This activity does need a GPS device but like all things in life, there’s an app for that. Plug in your coordinates and let the app find the closest geo caches to you. Next, follow the treasure map (or directions). Grab your friends or your date, take pictures, sign your name, add to the swag and join the unspoken community of Geo Cachers. Once you reach your first Geocache, you’ll feel like your part of a secret society.

Try out the Geocaching apps for iPhone and Android phones created by Groundspeak. Check out this link for more information on the iPhone App.