A Breakdown on Digital Trike’s On-boarding Approach

As a customer software development firm, Digital Trike’s approach of “Think, Design, Code, Optimize” is utilized in developing your company’s mobile application, website or software tool that provides revenue building purpose and presence for your unique business.

Digital Trike’s multi-step approach can be categorized into the review of the following categories: Systems, Strategy, Design and Technology. In evaluating each, the objectives and goals of your new software will become more focused and effective, while also being able to recognize any potential areas for growth.

Within the System Review process, Digital Trike can determine the most optimized way in which the project will be managed following these criteria:

  1. What is the goal and objective of the site, app or software system?
  2. What are the priorities of the current system?
  3. What does the current roadmap look like moving forward?
  4. Are there currently any known system bugs?
  5. Is there any available training documentation for developers?
  6. Are there available system login credentials to view the system?
  7. What are current issues with the development team?
  8. What are the current priorities on cost, time and quality?

After analyzing the strategy for managing and developing the new system, Digital Trike will then review your Strategy in order to assure the platform and technology are able to provide a premier customer experience for your users or visitors.

  1. What is the current software stack?
  2. Is the current sitemap and user-experience goals outlined? Are they successful?
  3. Are their designated user roles and is their recommended path defined?
  4. What are the positive and negative user-experience feedbacks?
  5. What is the most current conversion rate?

Some of the mechanisms in which Digital Trike is able to review Strategy is a variety of methods that best match your company’s system. These could include anything from user journey analytics, application flow, and decision trees, to hosting platforms, code frameworks, system, and third-party integration, or third-party data services.

Once the current technology architecture and software system is understood in its’ current state, Digital Trike is able to strategize this in line with the management goals in order to build your new, customized system. A central piece of the building process is Design. The goal of the Design Review is to ensure your brand is aligned with your targeted audience, relevant trends and current standards.

  1. Is the brand documented with specific guidelines?
  2. Any relevant feedback, positive or negative, for the current brand?
  3. All past and present documentation available for brand design?

The final stage of Digital Trike’s approach in customizing your new system’s technology is Code Review. This means determining how easily coders are able to incorporate and add new code to your system to meet your brand and design needs. By assessing the following areas, Digital Trike will be able to find the most efficient route to code for your new system.

  1. Is there a clear system structure and database outline?
  2. Is the code setup in MVC format or spaghetti code?
  3. Is the code contained in a git repo?
  4. What are the current code standards and documentation?
  5. What is the existing method for launching new code?
  6. Is there an API system in place? Is it documented?
  7. If the system is being migrated? Should old data be migrated with new user data?

Through this effective four-step review approach, Digital Trike can work with your business to develop a customized system that will fit your brand and revenue targets. Digital Trike offers a range of fixed scope to fixed price options over a minimum of three months to match your business requirements.