Compositional Flow and Rhythm of your Website is Important

UX or user experience can be defined as something that encompasses all aspects of an end user’s interaction with a website and the company that owns it. It is crucial for companies to ensure that their websites are offering visitors the most solid form of UX possible, as this will ensure that as many visitors as possible are converted to paying customers.

Improve Customer Loyalty

One of the simplest ways to provide the best possible user experience for website visitors is to ensure that each aspect of your site is as easy and pleasant as possible to navigate. Ensure that a maximum of 3 to 4 clicks will enable most users to find what they are looking for – many more than this and they will head off elsewhere before you can even convince them to subscribe in order to receive your latest updates. This will not only reduce your site’s bounce rate by keeping visitors engaged for as long as possible before leaving; it will also result in you enjoying a far higher conversion rate from site visitors to regular subscribers and, ultimately, paying customers.

Increase Sales

Some of the main reasons for as many as 70% of customers leaving a site to make their purchases elsewhere has to deal with complicated sign-up or actual purchasing processes. Hiring a few different people to test your site’s sign up process and navigate through its purchase process and channels will quickly enlighten you with regards to what needs to be improved. For example, do customers have to provide credit card details each time they log in to make a purchase or can they opt to save them on your site? Can login details be saved or not? Even seemingly small aspects like these can make all the difference between keeping a customer and seeing them move to a competitor’s site.

Additional Tips to Improve UX

At present, one of the most important aspects to incorporate into any website is that of a responsive design. With more than 65% of online users accessing the internet from smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, it is imperative to ensure that these users are able to enjoy the same level of functionality on your site than those who are accessing it by means of desktop and laptop computers. It is also important to ensure that all content on your site or that of a company’s site remains niche-relevant. For example, if your website contains content about pet care products, only pet-related content should be posted on it, as this is what your site visitors will be expecting to find.

Once you are sure that you are providing your site visitors with the best possible user experience, you can then focus on the SEO and social media marketing aspects of it. This will result in your website ending up with as much traffic and site visitors as possible – all of which will have the ability to be converted to subscribers and paying customers.