Custom Development Solutions

There is a custom development solution for every need.

Did you ever have this great idea that would put your company ahead of competitors but you weren’t sure if it should be a website, a mobile site, an app, a software, or whatever it's called? Although they are all great options, it's important to remember your company is unique, so your project will be as well. Let us help you define the custom development solution you need to stay ahead.

Every business should have a website.

First impressions matter. Your website will provide your potential customers with their first impression of your company.

A custom developed business intelligence solution is more likely to meet your requirements.

If a custom business solution can help speed up the process, increase customer loyalty or reduce cost effectively over time, your option is transparent.

Expand your presence in the mobile world.

As it continues to be driven by lifestyle and behavior, mobility is the way of the future.


A website is a collection of web pages containing unique content and digital assets to inform, sell, entertain, educate or blog your company’s interests to a desired audience on the Worldwide Web. Although the first website ever built was just back in 1991, today the Worldwide Web has compounded to over millions of websites as a website is now a must-have of any company. How do you stand out? Are you aware of the latest trends to ensure your website will not be lost among the many? Do you need a mobile or responsive website?  Let Digital Trike help you create or update your website with the necessary tools and technology to increase your presence.


You have a company to run. Sometimes, this involves a few complicated processes and requirements that can easily be remedied by technology solutions to lower your cost and increase your efficiency. Is your desk piled with request forms you have to review then scan and wish you could just have it all digitized from the get go? Are you currently using three different types of software that could easily be combined into a single software to do your work? Imagine how much time and money you can save from cutting down a few elements in your daily operations. Digital Trike can develop business intelligence tools customized to you for your business.


With the rapid growth of mobile technology, an app is almost priceless, allowing users to access information anywhere at anytime. How about an app to help your sales team present right from their tablets without the associated cost of internet service? What about an app with immediate access to reports of your daily operations so executives can make quick and effective decisions? Have you thought of a game that could amplify your company’s brand, or perhaps a productivity tool to charm your customers to continue to do business with you? Yes, app development is a la mode, but is it the right solution for you? Let Digital Trike explore your options of creating an app that is valuable to your team members and customers.

EVEN MORE! We realize your company may benefit from other types of solutions as well. Don’t hesitate to ask us about the possibilities. We’ll work together to find the best solution for your project and desired outcomes.

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