Customer Relationships Important to You? Try a Custom CRM to fit your Business Needs

As your business grows, it becomes harder and harder to put a personal touch on your customer relationships. However, you can’t just accept this as an inevitability – many companies live and thrive based on their ability to handle each customer as an individual. One way that you can keep your customer information organized and easy to access is through some custom customer relationship management software, or custom CRM for short.

Designing Around Your Needs

Designing CRM software for your own business means that you can control which features you use and can adjust the software to suit your own needs. The process of customizing the software requires some up-front investment but can save a lot of time and money in the long run. It means that fields which may exist in normal CRM programs don’t need to be used if you don’t want them to, which can streamline the entire system. It also means you can add special fields to the software that suits the exact information you need to know about a customer. The easier and more direct the access to this information is, the better a chance your sales team has of helping customers immediately.

Better Business Integration 

A packaged CRM suite will contain the options most frequently used by most organizations, while a custom CRM design allows you to make sure that the options you most need are available and easy to access. In addition, designing the platform around your business model allows you to integrate other commonly-used software. Does your customer service program run more smoothly if they have access to certain spreadsheets containing customer information? Under packaged CRM, you need to covert those spreadsheets to fit the software’s layout. Using a custom model, you can link the two programs directly and have all the information your service team needs right at your fingertips.

Better Pricing Models

Packaged CRM services are usually priced per user rather than priced per usage. That means that if you sign up for CRM services, you’ll receive the same charge that the average user does regardless of whether you use all the services or whether you use them often. By shifting toward a custom model, you can gain control over the pricing and make them fit your business budget appropriately. That way, if you only use the CRM software for a short period of time or go through a lull when you barely access it at all, you won’t have wasted money on unnecessary software during that period. That allows you to use the software more organically rather than trying to force its use to justify the price.

Custom CRM software can help give you a greater level of control over your business. In turn, this allows you a better path to fulfilling your customers’ needs. With so many companies thriving when they are able to provide strong customer service, you should at least examine the possibility of a custom program that will help to streamline your business on both the company’s end and the user’s end.