We seek long-term partnerships in building cutting-edge technology solutions.

Since 2001, Digital Trike, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, continues to develop strategically driven, technology advanced and functionality robust solutions for forward-thinking organizations.


Have you ever pulled your hair, stomped your feet and thrown a frustration fit over a development project? Did you raise your hand? That’s what we thought.

At Digital Trike, our company success has been born out of a project approach that drastically reduces (and attempts to remove altogether) the typical frustrations that are encountered with interactive development projects. It is our objective to make websites, apps or custom software development projects as easy, as stable and as fun as riding a tricycle.

What’s the secret? Our projects are driven by ‘Think’ (front wheel), executed through Design (left back wheel) and Code (right back wheel) to finally Optimize (trike frame) into a prominent and successful solution. Instead of your typical shop of one-dimensional coders, our team consists of solution oriented strategic thinkers that allow us to understand your needs and problems from your perspective, then align them with technology solutions that work, resolve and return your investment.


We are technology experts.
We don’t just claim it. We commit to it and seek every opportunity to increase our knowledge, processes and savoir-faire to remain on the forefront of technology.

We innovate.
Most will adapt to technology at its mature stage. We want to implement technology in its innovative stage or introduce new ideas and methods to carry out your project.

We customize our solutions to the way you do business.
We could offer you the exact same solution we have offered to a similar company in your industry, but we know without a doubt that it will fail. You are unique. You run your business in a very distinct way. We simply connect the dots to ensure your can easily manage your solution within your business parameters.

We increase your performance.
A site, tool or app without purpose is meaningless. Generate leads, increase your revenue, facilitate data reporting, enhance content management , simplify your processes - all of these purposes ultimately increase your performance.