Design & Development Services

Our approach to successfully build your next purpose driven technology solution.

Do you know what your website or app needs? Do you have the confidence it will succeed? Don’t just build another website or app because you have to but rather because it provides you with the power and presence your business deserves. As a custom software development firm, Digital Trike can help you develop your next purpose driven custom website, mobile application or software tool through its interactive approach of Think, Design, Code and Optimize.

Behind every great website or app, there's a great strategy.

Strategy is a proven key to successful websites and apps.

Design has to work. Art does not.

There is a distinct difference between web and app design as compared to art.

We create the code. You make it famous.

Coding is what we relate the most to. Let us spend time defining what technology is best to support your business so you can have more time growing your business.

Optimize your potential.

Don't settle for less. Allow your website or app to reach its full potential through strategic refinements over time.


Software is no longer a simple source of information. It is a primary way to attract leads and generate revenue while decreasing operating expenses. Don’t limit yourself to simply task out software development. Instead, let Think provide you the strategic analysis, approach or validation aligned with your business objectives to maximize your success and give you confidence to thrive in a complex digital world.


“A picture is worth a thousand words!” The appearance and experience of your website or app is key to attracting your customers. Stop driving them away after two clicks. Instead, let Design provide you the ultimate user experience through powerful visual graphics and searchable content that will maximize your return on investment.


We are told that website Code often looks like nutrition facts. The ingredients are just too technical. Just when you think you understand one of the ingredients, it is already obsolete. Technology is currently on steroids and will continue to be so. Don’t be bottlenecked with the evolution and let Code define the framework, language and software solutions necessary to support the future of your business.


Stay ahead of your competition by Optimizing your website or app. Your website or app can quickly become stagnant once discovered. Engage, reinforce and empower your customers to maintain a relationship with you. Optimize your content, upgrade your server, enhance your interface, implement new tactics, update to the newest browser or add a resource to your small development team. Partner with us to maintain and Optimize your technology solutions.