Behind every great website or app, there’s a great strategy.

Strategy is a proven key to successful websites and apps.



The greatest technologies are born from what once appeared to be inconceivable problems and crazy ideas that simply needed purpose and a powerful strategy! Do you have a great idea or marketing concept but are just unsure where to begin, how to structure it or what platform to develop in? Let Digital Trike validate your idea by assessing the market, structure and technology necessary to substantiate your idea aligned with your business operations. 


Get to know your customers or users before you start building your next website or app. Many make the mistake of skipping this step and later find that decisions were based on their personal preferences rather than the characteristics of their typical users. Focus on the needs and expectations of your major user groups to ensure your website or app is visited. Think of how easy it would be for strategists, designers and developers to build each part of your website or app by tailoring every decision to the persona(s) of your major users. What seems to slow down the process of building your next website or app may actually save you a lot more time.


If you are duplicating processes in light of limits in the applications you are currently using, you are most likely losing a lot of money. You shouldn’t sacrifice business operations because of technology but rather align technology to work with your business. With a thorough business analysis of your operations and flow between departments, Digital Trike can provide recommendations on applications and the necessary customization to facilitate your business.


When it comes to building a new idea or concept, developing in phases ensures you are not going above and beyond your financial capabilities. Digital Trike can help you define your minimum viable product, including any additional phase necessary to secure your prototype and validate your product or project.


Ultimately, we are all seeking new business from potential customers. Don’t build another website that slips through the crack. Instead, build a website or app that generates valuable leads. It all starts with a lead generation strategy that ensures your potential customers are driven through specific steps. Let Digital Trike's lead generation specialists help you.


A sitemap makes it easy for your user to navigate or find information. It also informs search engines of any changes that have taken place on your website. A work flow chart, on the other hand, helps you visualize the levels within a sitemap and understand the arrangement of information. Your users do not necessarily see your sitemap or flow chart but they do experience them.


Building templates ensures your website or app is consistent. Consistency is a key sign of a website or app that has been designed professionally. To facilitate, it is important to understand templates and how each page or screen within your sitemap will utilize these templates. Digital Trike can help you define the master templates and assign them to your sitemap to facilitate design and provide a professional look to your next website or app.


Wireframes are used to define the layout of each page of your website or each screen of your app, in terms of content placement, order of elements, or the relationship between components. Why should you build a wireframe before going to design? Simply put, wireframes provide a visual display of your website or app's clarifying features, usability and cuts down cost in implementing design.