Optimize your potential with our website management services.

Don’t settle for less. Allow your website or app to reach its full potential through strategic hosting refinements and enhancements over time.




Whether you're looking to add resources to your existing development team or to maintain your current website or app, Digital Trike can guarantee on-going support and website maintenance with a bucket of hours per month to ensure your website or app retains its edge. Not only are you able to tap into development resources, our maintenance and management services include consulting, project management and system administration. Unlike projects, we can work on your tasks immediately without any wait.

Content Analytics

Content analytics measures how your content is doing. It looks at when content was created as well as the nature of the content, including how it has been used and/or where users are landing over time to find content. By analyzing your content, you can gain insight in making better marketing and development decisions to increase your performance.

Content Optimization

Digital Trike can assemble specific page content around groups of relevant, narrowly-focused keywords for your website. Our goal is to create pages that better engage your target audience while ensuring your website gains traction with search engines through a well-designed content strategy. Unmute your website content by using the right keywords to gain more presence in the digital world.

Enhancements or Upgrades

All forms of technology need to be upgraded or enhanced sooner or later. When you need your website, custom tool or mobile application to be taken to the next level with a new functionality, a design adjustment or browser upgrade, Digital Trike can help you make this happen.

Web Hosting

Based on your website's needs and traffic, Digital Trike can recommend hosting options that suit your company best. Our hosting options enables you to be in control of your hosting plan while we ensure, through our maintenance plan, it is backed up properly and upgraded when necessary to ensure your server is performing at its peak, reliably and securely. 

Server Migration

When it has to happen, server migration can cause a big headache. The fear of losing data in the transition increases, including uncertainty in what platform to install or move to. Digital Trike can help you move from one server to another smoothly through proper backup and migration.