Digital Trike’s Services

Did you know we have a unique service process that allows us to build purpose driven technology solutions, customized to the way our clients do business? Our process has proven to be successful time and time again. We believe in it so much, in fact, we thought it would be a great idea to write a blog summary on these services so you can see for yourself how awesome it is!

Below is a picture of a tricycle and how we here at Digital Trike use the wheels to represent the different parts of our services:

trikeWheel #1: Think – As you can see on the tricycle, Think is the front and biggest wheel of the three. This is because Think leads and guides an entire Digital Trike project. We realize the importance of getting to know a company and learn about what makes them unique among their competitors. Therefore, before we start working on any part of a project, we make an effort to fully understand the project at hand by getting to know a company’s overall goals and objectives. We will brainstorm and come up with a clever strategy specifically created for the company so the project we create for them will be as successful as possible on both our ends.

Wheel #2: Design – Including proper and requested design elements into a project is something Digital Trike makes sure to implement. We understands that by having a consistent and recognizable brand across all platforms is key to forming a familiar look and feel, one which users of a product will enjoy and be comfortable with. In order to make sure the design is as accurate and pleasing as possible, many times we will partner with an awesome design agency. This allows us to focus more fully on the third wheel, Code, where our expertise comes into play. We also can help a company have searchable content that is easy for others to find when browsing the web.

Wheel #3: Code – When it comes to Code, Digital Trike deals with all the complicated technology-related stuff so our clients don’t have to. We use secure, industry-advanced frameworks and processes in order to create quality, secured and tailored software solutions. Our clients are ultimately in control with what goes on with their product, and we make sure to make their product exactly how they want it to be.

Where the Wheels Come Together: Optimize – This is where all of the hard work and effort put into a project pays off. Once the Think, Design and Code wheels are completed, Digital Trike puts them together to create a fully optimized, purpose driven product that can range from a responsive website to a mobile application. It’s always exciting to see the finished product up and running, and it’s rewarding to see our client’s faces light up with pure pleasure once they see their product in action. Optimize is the final step in our process and will continue to function for as long as our client’s product is up and running. This includes website hosting as well as upgrades and enhancements when needed.

In Conclusion

This blog post just scratches the surface about our services, there’s a lot more one can learn about them. If you’re one of those people that is eager to learn more, don’t hesitate to contact us today! We’re always looking forward to building our next purpose driven product, which could be for you!