How to Drive Revenue to Your Agency

One of the best ways to drive revenue to your marketing agency is to come up with a plan for content writing. After all, content is the number one way to generate revenue. The more organic content you have, the more visits you’ll get, and the more leads you’ll receive in turn. Here are some ways to use content to your advantage and earn more revenue.

Drip Campaigns

A drip campaign takes your welcome email messaging to the next level. This is especially useful for people who may have shown an interest in your services, but who aren’t quite ready to take the plunge. You’ll start with your usual automated welcome letter, but then automate another three to four emails – at regular intervals – to help educate these people without trying to force a sale on them. You can include a variety of topics, including how to get started with online sales, resources for newcomers to ecommerce, and more. Keep it short and simple, and to make it even easier to manage, consider using a third-party service.

Maintain a Blog

Blogging used to be uncommon and reserved mainly for an elite few, but nowadays, it’s one of the best means of content marketing available to you. It gives you an opportunity to create the dynamic, relevant content that Google and other search engines deem so valuable to your rankings. You can hire freelance writers or content creation companies to help you choose topics and write about them in such a way that they are genuinely valuable to your readers. It’s vital that your tone is authoritative and that you provide factual information from credible sources, too.

Write a Complete FAQ Section

People have questions when it comes to just about anything, and the more clearly you can address these questions in your FAQ, the better. In fact, you can use this as another SEO opportunity, too. You get the chance to mimic the questions people ask Google every day, all while providing excellent customer service without the need for an email, live chat, or phone call. You should provide a search box so people can find their answers even faster, you should keep your answers short but to the point, and you should even consider video help content if it suits the question at hand – such as information on how to use a product.

Create Comparison Pages

People compare everything before they make a buying decision. They compare cars, they compare restaurants, and they’ll even compare ecommerce sites. You can appeal to this comparative nature with well-written comparisons of the products you sell, the services you provide, and even the type of ecommerce platform you use for your site. These things will all help consumers make better buying decisions, and they’ll make you seem far more authoritative in your niche.

Driving revenue to your agency is dependent on several things. First, you want to be an authority in your industry and provide the comprehensive information your competitors don’t. Second, you want to update your site with dynamic, relevant content regularly. Finally, you’ll want to create comparison pages that can help your potential clients and customers make better choices.