dTank iPad App

Digital Trike is happy to announce the launch of another successful iPad application, the dTank application. dTank is a Southern Californian company with Swiss origins, specializing in bespoke design and custom furniture. Besides designing and building great furniture, their mission includes empowering architects and designers to create custom furniture solutions by integrating the entire process from 3-D concept, engineering, and manufacturing through final installation. dTank recognized that an iPad application could be another tool in accomplishing their mission and asked Digital Trike to help them make it a reality.

The dTank iPad app includes information about dTank services, but the bulk of the application is hundreds of photographs and 3d renderings of furniture and installations that can inspire or be used as a starting point for customization. Every image or 3d rendering in the application can be the background for a custom sketch, and the app allows users to sketch any design modification or addition on the image and email it to dTank or any other person.

dtank drawing interface

The app also allows iPads equipped with cameras to take a snapshot of your space and sketch and design further. Future additions to the app include the ability to bookmark your favorite images, and save and edit drawings.

The dTank app is available in the iTunes App Store and requires an iPad with iOS 5.1 or higher.