How to Make Sure Your Site, Tool or App is Always Relevant to Your Industry

Many businesses and corporations think that simply having a website and an app or two available for use is enough to ensure that client numbers keep growing. However, it is essential for peripherals like these to be kept as up to date as possible. Below are a few different ways in which you can ensure that your website or mobile app is always kept as up to date as possible.

Keep Abreast of Consumer Preferences

It’s a known fact that consumer preferences change on a regular basis, and as a result, the functionality of websites and apps as well as the content found on them needs to be kept in line with current trends. While trendy-looking Flash designs, moving backgrounds and blaring auto-playing videos were once all the rage, most internet users now find aspects like these extremely irritating. With the number of smartphone users expected to reach the 2 billion mark within the next year or two, it is crucial for developers to understand this, as it means that all forms of website content, tools and apps will have to cater more for this than for traditional desktop and laptop devices.

Only Use High Quality Content

As desktop, laptop and smartphone screens have grown larger, so have internet users’ preferences when it comes to viewing content. Because ultra-high speed internet connections have become the norm in many countries across the world these days, website visitors and app users have grown used to seeing top quality content such as HD videos and high resolution photography loading within one to two seconds at the most when browsing online as well. Never settle for inferior content – regardless of whether it is text, photos or video clips – as it will result in your visitors choosing to go elsewhere the next time they need information.

Responsive Design is the Future of the Web

The days of companies having to have a standard website as well as a separate mobile-friendly website are long gone. Each year, more and more companies are noticing that the bulk of their website visitors and app users are making use of mobile devices instead of desktop or laptop computers. As a result, it is crucial for web developers to ensure that every single aspect of a newly designed or redesigned site is able to be accessed and navigated from any device which has access to the internet – regardless of the size of its screen. A truly responsive site will be able to be accessed and navigated from any internet-enabled device.

Another reason why it is crucial for web developers to keep their client’s sites updated is because they will be far less vulnerable to hacking attempts than those that have been left to languish for a year or two. Existing developers who need advice or assistance with a website upgrade or companies that would like to make a fresh start in terms of website, tool or app design need to contact us today.