How to persuade clients it’s time to revamp their website

When you decided to become a web designer, you might have thought that the job is all about sitting behind a desk, working with your computer to produce amazingly branded websites. You never thought about the marketing aspect of it all or about pitching to prospective clients. Getting new clients is essential to every service based business. They are the core source of your business growth. Because of this, you need to be on the lookout for new clients at all times. As a web designer, getting new clients is not easy. You need to get out there, look for clients and convince them that their website needs to be redesigned or revamped. But how do you go about it? This post will take you through the process of convincing your potential clients of the need to redesign their website in order to increase business.

The first thing you need to do before you approach a potential client is to visit their website first. Take a look and check out exactly what needs to be done to help them grow online. What additional site features are needed and how these features will have an impact on the client’s core business. If the client does not have social media buttons, how is this costing their business? If the clients website is not mobile friendly or responsive, how is this affecting the bottom line? Before going to a client with a proposal to upgrade their website, make sure you know what needs to be done and how this will affect the clients business.

Now that you have thoroughly examined the site and have a proposed plan of attack it is time to approach the website owner. What matters if you get the contract to redesign that website is how you approach a prospective client and convince them of the need. Like any seasoned sales person, you need to strategize your pitch. The first thing to do is to show the client of the existing problem. You can do this by showing them their competitor’s websites, how they are designed, how those additional features have been already integrated in their competitors business. This will appeal to the sixth sense of every decision maker; competitiveness. Now that you have caught the client’s attention, you now need to explain to them why they need those new features on their website. If you planned to add a blog page, how will this help with traffic? If you want to add social media buttons, how will they increase audience engagement? If it is about making the website more responsive and mobile friendly, how will this give them a competitive edge with people on the go?

Now that you have stated the problem, give them an idea of how you will solve the problem and how the solution will impact the website? Tell them how a blog feature will serve as a free marketing tool to increase inbound visibility. How social media buttons will help the website visitors market the business to their friends in social media. You should keep in mind that you are dealing with a business person and profit is going to be a big concern. Every move is to increase profit. After presenting the problem and the solution, you need to now assure the client that a website redesign will not affect the brand in a negative manner. Most business decision makers avoid redesigning a website due to the impact it may have on their brand and current usability. Prove to them that you will strengthen the brand and blend the new design into their existing business model. When dealing with prospective clients, numbers are crucial, numbers do not lie. Give them actual statistics to support your argument. They will not only serve to build your credibility, they will also serve as visual stimulators. The figures may include things like the difference between visitors to websites with a blog and social media buttons and visitors to websites without these features. You can also show them the Google ranking of mobile friendly and responsive websites compared to websites that are not mobile friendly and responsive.

Last but not the least; it is time to show them the costs they will incur during the redesign process. Avoid quoting hourly rates as these may seem too much and scare a prospective client. Instead, provide them with a quote of the whole project. Also give them an offer they can’t refuse. Something like a discount if they give you the job before a given period. Remember when convincing a client that their website needs a makeover, you should stick to facts and figures. These will have more of a positive impact on your client’s emotions than mere words.