It Is Important to have a Project Plan and Schedule when Building a Website for a Client

There are many different types of web designers out there these days. Some of them seem to go with the flow, taking on clients as they come and churning out projects one right after the other. Others keep meticulous records about anything and everything, saving every email and logging every phone call. How much web development organization do you really need?

Clients Expect You to Meet Deadlines

Let’s say you took on a client who needs a website up and running in two months. You might think to yourself, “Hey, I have two months to do this, so I can put it on the back burner for now.” Then, you end up taking on a couple more clients, and the next thing you know, those two months have turned into two weeks and you work long hours – even through the night at times – to get things done. It is important to create a project plan as soon as you take on a client. Share that plan with your client, too, so that he or she knows what to expect during each stage of the process.

Most Clients Want Regular Communication

Although there are some exceptions to every rule, most of your clients will expect you to stay in contact with them throughout the project. Web development organization is important for this, too. After all, losing a Post-It note with your client’s email address or telephone number is no way to get things done, and it has a serious impact on your business. Utilize some software for this purpose, if you must. Even desktop apps like Evernote are great choices for keeping in contact with your clients; they allow you to share files, chat, and work on projects together when necessary.

You Need to Work Well with Others

If you have a client who expects you to create a website from scratch, including the business logo, SEO content, and databases, then you might choose to subcontract some of these things to your network. For instance, you might have a guy who handles all of your logos, you might have someone else who handles the writing and SEO side of things, and you may give some tasks to a DaaS (data as a service) Provider. When this is the case, it is crucial for you to keep your team up-to-date and aware. Each person in your network relies on the other for timely project delivery, so website development organization is critical.

You Can Manage Your Time

Some web design projects go quickly, but others can take a lot of time depending on the amount of coding, the types of graphics, and even the amount of optimization your client expects. Failure to implement web development organization techniques can leave you feeling frazzled. Create a schedule for yourself that breaks the big project down into manageable chunks. This way, as you cross off the steps one by one, you remind yourself that you are on the road to completion before the due date.

Web development organization is something that you should always take seriously. While it may not be necessary to save every single email from your client or mark down every phone call, you should develop a plan that allows you to share information with your clients and your networks throughout the course of the project.