Leading Utah Development Agency to Speak at this Year’s SMART Con Event

SMART Con is a gathering of great companies and great minds from around the country. At this year’s event, there will be expert opinions, excellent content, and presentations revolving around sharing secrets to cracking the Sales and Marketing code, including presentations from Digital Trike, a Utah-based development agency on the cutting edge of new technologies and how to integrate the Griffin Hill system into empowering sales for web/app development company.

Who Is Digital Trike?

Digital Trike is a fun company that based its mission on a very simple concept. They want to make web design and development projects “as easy, as stable, and as fun as riding a tricycle.” Even their concept is unique, with each part based on one of parts of a tricycle. The first is the front wheel, or “Think”, which is critical to any project. Next is “Design”, or the right back wheel, which provides stability, and “Code”, or the left back wheel, both of which provide stability. Finally, there is “Optimize”, which refers to the entire frame of the trike and holds all three things together to create a prominent solution.

The Company’s Perspective

One of the main complaints that clients have when it comes to web development teams is their inability to understand a vision. This is where Digital Trike is different. This company constantly increases its knowledge to remain in-the-know regarding the latest technologies and innovations, but they have so much more to offer. They are a group of thinkers who work side-by-side with their clients to realize their visions and introduce valid solutions that really work. The company keeps the client’s idea in mind as they develop applications, processes, and more to help them generate more traffic and more revenue.

Presenting at SMART Con

It is an honor to be invited to present at SMART Con, and participants expect nothing short of excellence from Digital Trike. Attendees expect the company to discuss their newest approaches to big data and application development and in working with their clients to creating technological solutions that fit their clients’ missions. They are front-runners when it comes to data reporting and content management, as well. There will certainly be much to learn from Digital Trike’s team of presenters.

This Year’s Focus

Each SMART Con gathering focuses on hot issues facing the web design and development industry. The event looks at sales, marketing, and technology in the following ways:

  • Sales – Coaching, leadership, planning, and automated campaigns
  • Marketing – Business marketing automation, content marketing, lead generation, website analysis, video marketing, and promotional product branding
  • Technology – Advanced promotional product branding, sales systems and processes, and advertising in its social, digital, and traditional forms.

There are also workshops suitable for anyone involved in web development. These cover a variety of topics in the aforementioned aspects of business, marketing, sales, and technology.

Utah is the place to be this September 24th, if you want to learn more about sales coaching, strategic planning, automated sales campaigns, and practical solutions for today’s business and marketing world. Digital Trike is one of many invited speakers who will all have valuable information to share.