Make Sure Your Website Doesn’t Fall Behind – Updates Are Important

After launching their websites online, many business owners think that most of the hard work is done and no further forms of updates will ever be needed. However, in order to remain fresh in the minds of potential clients – and even competitors in some cases – it is essential to perform website development, updates and maintenance on a regular basis.

New Beats Old

As most site owners know, Google implements a range of algorithm updates on a regular basis, with one of the most recent ones being that sites with the freshest and most updated content will be placed higher on search rankings than those that have been left to languish for months or even years in some cases. This means that websites who have not performed any updates within the past few months at the most will most likely find themselves being relegated to the bottom of search results. It is recommended that website development updates be performed at least once a month.

Keep them Coming

Users thrive on seeing fresh content each time they visit a website. Sites that have not been updated in more than a month or two may see a lot of initial traffic, but the chance of any of these visitors returning is usually slim. Providing visitors with fresh and updated content on a regular basis will not only ensure that they will be willing to visit a site again; it will also go a long way in helping convert as many visitors as possible into paying – and repeat – customers.

Better Site Indexing

Major search engines like Google will send out an array of different bots to help index as many web pages as possible. If these bots come across website pages that have not been updated in more than a month or so, chances are that the bots will not visit the site to index it again for at least another 6 to 8 weeks. If the site still hasn’t been updated by the time the bots index again, a further 3 to 4 months may pass before the bots make another attempt to index the site. After a few months, the site in question will eventually be unsearchable.

Ensure that Everything Works

There is nothing more frustrating for website visitors than to click on links that are no longer operational or to try and open site pages that no longer exist – or were perhaps started and not fully completed. Encountering issues like these normally result in them heading off to find an alternative source of information – where everything is fully accessible. One of the most obvious benefits of having regular website development and maintenance performed is that it helps ensure that everything on a site is kept in working order at all times.

When it comes to having any form of updates or website development performed, it is essential to hire the services of a company that has a solid reputation. This will ensure that the best possible SEO techniques are implemented and that the site in question ends up standing head and shoulders above those of competitor companies.