Is Your Mobile App Missing These Key Features?

With the ever-increasing amounts of mobile apps that are being made available for Apple and Android-based mobile devices these days, it has become more challenging than ever for them to gain the popularity that they deserve. Successful mobile app development should incorporate at least a few of the below mentioned features into a mobile app, as this will help ensure that it becomes as successful as its developers intended it to be.

Offer a Free and a Paid Version

Thanks to the rising cost of living, numerous consumers have become more careful with their cash than ever. When this happens, some of the first areas that they cut back on their spending will include entertainment and other discretionary purchases – including mobile apps. However, many smartphone users will be more than willing to try out an app if a free version of it is offered. If they find that they enjoy using it and it is able to meet their needs, many of them will go on to purchase the paid-for version – especially if additional features are made available in it. This can include the removal of advert banners or even the ability to customize the overall appearance of the app.

Ease of Use

One of the main reasons why so many people stop using an app is because they find it cumbersome or just plain difficult to navigate and use overall. If users have to physically search for ways to navigate your app or if they have to scroll excessively in order to see everything, chances are that they will abandon it in favor of an alternative. During the mobile app development process, it is crucial to run various tests on it to ensure that it is easy to use. It is important to keep the placement of the thumb and index finger in mind when designing apps, as these are the most comfortable and convenient fingers to use when scrolling or navigating through content.

Social Media Integration

Let’s face it; virtually all of the currently available social media networks have become an extremely important part of everyday life. As a result, it is crucial to ensure that provision is made for new users to sign up to your app via some of the more popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram. This will not only enable users to remain interested in your app; it will also make provision for them to share information or even the latest updates about the app with everyone on their contact lists. This will in turn result in more people wanting to try or buy your app.

The above mentioned points clearly show that there is far more to mobile app development these days that simply having an idea, creating the app and hoping that it will become popular over time. Unless your app is fully user-friendly and it makes provision for users to “try before they buy,” it will end up falling by the wayside in less time than it took for it to be developed.