Mobile Web Takeover

It’s not uncommon to see every single person on a bus with a mobile device on their lap or glued to their ears. The portable computer now acts almost like an organ to humans; it’s so ingrained in the modern life that humans and the mobile device cannot survive without the other.

The little gadget in our pocket has come a long way from just calling and texting. With the innovative growth of the mobile web, the device now influences and impacts our buying, networks, and the way we see the world.

In 1981/1982, it was the first generation (1G) of the mobile web. Each generation is characterized by greater frequency bands and higher data rates. And now we’re entering the fourth generation (4G) of the mobile web; watching YouTube videos became that much easier.

In less than 5 years, the number of people accessing the digital technology will overtake the PC as the most popular way to get on the Internet. It’s now the post PC Era. There is no need for a computer to do anything anymore because everything is done wirelessly. The mobile web is taking over the world because it satisfies a part of the human condition. The need to love, control, and be entertained just got easier thanks to the wireless device. No more wires, desktop glued to the home desk, or the “constantly searching for Wi-Fi” laptop, happiness is now in the palm of your hands.

Fueled by the availability of better data coverage and mobile devices that continue to be innovative, smaller, and cheaper such as the Kindle, the iPhone, and other smartphones and tablets, the mobile web is progressing faster and bigger than ever.

Here are a few indication of how the mobile web is taking over:

  • 1 out of every 8 minutes spent online, is on Facebook.
  • According to the Facebook official statistics, “There are more than 200 million active users [40 percent] currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices.
  • People that use Facebook on their mobile devices are twice as active on Facebook as non-mobile users.” One just always needs to be updated with the latest breakups, hookups, and the activities of friends.
  • Also services that allow video calls like Skype has become a popular way to connect people in such a way that if Skype were a telecommunications carrier, it would be the largest carrier in the world, with 521 million registered users.
  • 48% of all Internet users come from five countries (Brazil, Russia, China, India and the U.S.)
  • By 2013 hits, the mobile web will particularly grow in Asia-Pacific with 42.9 percent of subscribers, followed by Europe (25%), Africa and Middle East (12.2 percent), Latin America (11.2 percent) and North America (7.6 percent)
  • 90 percent of mobile subscribers in the in US and W. Europe have an Internet-ready phone.


The digital technology not only has taken over our love lives, but has also taken over our jobs and the way we handle home and business. Simply put, we use our mobile devices to control every aspect of our lives from creating a to-do list, shopping, handling our bank accounts, and creating word/presentation documents on the mobile devices.

Humans also seek entertainment in their lives. The mobile web also provides the portable endless array of music, videos, books, and games. The entertainment online mobile sales account for between 20% and 45% of the total retail market. With the new generations of youth growing up in this technological age, the shorter attention spans are vulnerable for the mobile web takeover. Just consider any waiting line, and you’ll see about half the people there are playing Angry Birds on their iPhone.

We are now in the Post PC World and many businesses are realizing that the mobile web may soon become the only way to impact, influence, and connect people.

There is this race to conquer the mobile web as it takes over the world.  Are you offering mobile content? Is your company mobile ready? Can customers access your website through their wireless device? Are you utilizing the mobile social networks effectively to connect with consumers? Do not be left in the dusk. Contact us at Digital Trike and we can help you live, adapt, survive, and thrive in this new era called the mobile web.