Myth #2 User Personas – Why Building User Personas is More Important than you Think

When developing a website, a common mistake many business owners make involves not building user personas. Some feel it is too expensive, (myth #2 that’s debunked in our e-book), while others believe personas are not necessary. User personas are indeed essential, and here are some reasons you should include them in your marketing plan.

Helps you Understand your Customers

Through market research, you can discover which groups of people are most interested in your products and services. Developing personas based on that information can help you get to know these people on a more personal level. In our e-book, we talk about how personas help you put names and faces to the people whom you hope will visit your site. In the process, you will get to know the individuals you are serving a little bit better because you are building your website to maximize their user experience.

Separates you From your Work

Web designers have a natural tendency to build websites based upon how they would use them. The problem is that your customers may not have the same ideas, in which case you run the risk of creating something only you can use. When you create interfaces using personas, you are putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, and are naturally forced to think about how your customer will react. In the long run, this helps you approach your design more objectively.

Learn what Drives your Customers

Understanding your customers and putting yourself in their shoes will give you valuable insight about what drives them. For example, you may learn where your demographic gets information, which social media networks they most often use, and what motivates them to buy things. These details are important, as they will help you better target the content on your website, ensuring information is placed where your audience is most likely to discover it.

Provides you with Better Quality Leads

Creating personas forces you to gather more information in order to better target your demographic. In the long run, this will help you avoid chasing leads that are unlikely to be productive. As such, your website is more apt to bear fruit than one that is targeted toward a broader base. You will likely notice a higher conversion rate and a lower bounce rate once you begin incorporating personas.

Helps you Build Relationships

Once those clients do start rolling in, you will find it easier to build relationships with them because you have already done all the groundwork. You already know what drives your customers and what turns them off. This means that rather than a lengthy adjustment period, you can begin serving people right away. Just be sure to tweak your strategy from time to time to ensure you stay current.

Building personas requires more of an investment up front, but that effort will more than pay for itself in the long run. If you are struggling to build your client base, it may be time to incorporate personas into your marketing scheme.