Myth #2 User Personas – How Personas can Help Website User Experience

Personas are not just useful as a marketing tool, as they can also help customers get the most out of your website. Here are a few ways in which personas can create a better user experience for those who visit your homepage.

Identify the Needs of your Customers

The first thing you must do in order to improve the user experience is to identify the needs of your customers. This can be difficult to do unless you are able to put names and faces to your customers. A persona allows you to see things through the eyes of your customers, making it easier for you to identify their needs. You might even become aware of needs you previously were unaware of. In myth #2 in our e-book, we talk about the importance of learning what your customers value, their average disposable income, number of people in the family, and other similar information, all of which will help you better identify needs.

Identify and Solve Problems

By viewing your website through the eyes of your persona, you can identify potential problems with it. For example, you may determine that the right information is not on the right pages, or that certain areas of your website are difficult to navigate. Once you have identified issues, you can then go to work rectifying them so they do not wind up distracting from the overall user experience.

Target the Right Content

Most businesses do not have just one persona. Most have at least three to five personas, and some have as many as 15 to 20 of them. It’s entirely possible to create customized pages with content directed at each persona individually. You could even set up different landing pages for each one of your personas to make the data more readily available. Each page could contain different information, or even have unique links and videos based upon the targeted persona. While it’s possible to create personalized pages, more is not necessarily better. As such, personas will also help you streamline your website by identifying unhelpful content so that it can be eliminated.

Help with Decision Making

One goal behind personas is to attract people who are interested in making a decision about your product or services. When you create a persona, you are forced to think about the factors that drive his or her decision making. As a result, your visitors are less likely to struggle because they do not have the right information or are unsure how to complete a transaction. You will have already anticipated any issue that might arise and then gone the extra mile to make sure that problem was addressed.

Personas can help your business in a number of ways, and improving the user experience on your website is just one of them. If you routinely have a high bounce rate or struggle to make conversions, user personas could go a long way toward improving how people interact with your company’s website.