Myth #2 User Personas – How User Personas can Help Increase Website Conversion

Websites are a great marketing tool; however, they do not necessarily lead to new customers. A website targeted toward the right user persona is needed if you are to increase your conversion rate. Here are a few ways in which user personas can result in more conversions.

Learn what Motivates People

In building a persona, you are learning a lot about what motivates your customers. For example, you will discover how they spend their time, what their goals are, and the types of things that turn them off. You will also identify demographic information about your audience such as age, gender, ethnicity, level of education, etc. You can then target your products or services to better meet the needs of your audience.

Better Target Content

It doesn’t matter how good the content on your website is unless it is meaningful to your audience. Having inadequate or impertinent information will only frustrate people, making it likely they will go elsewhere. When you develop a persona, you are automatically forced to think about the type of information he or she desires. By providing helpful, relevant information, you are increasing the odds that your guests will remain on your website for longer.

Helps with Making Predictions

Once you have identified personas, it will be easier to predict how they will act in certain situations. This knowledge can then be used to create a “buyer’s journey” that contains three major phases: awareness, consideration, and decision. Creating a buyer’s journey requires you to consider what your persona is doing and thinking during each phase. As such, you can design your website in a manner that make it easy for your persona to navigate in the various stages.

Ensuring you Meet Expectations

If your website does not meet or exceed user expectations, the odds of you making a conversion are very low. You may not realize you are not meeting expectations unless you are able to look at your website through the eyes of one of your personas. Just because you aren’t having difficulty with your website doesn’t mean other people aren’t, and trying to determine how your personas will react is one of the best ways to identify shortcomings.

Helps Establish Trust

Predicting behavior and ensuring you meet expectations will eliminate a great deal of frustration on the part of your visitors. This means that by the time your customers get to the decision phase, you will have already earned their trust. As such, there will be much less resistance when it comes to making a purchase or signing up for service. Not only will your conversion rate increase, but you are also more likely to maintain those customers over the long haul.

User personas can help you increase conversions, but that’s not all they are good for. Personas also make it easier to meet the needs of your customers by getting to know them on a more personal level. To improve the way you gain and keep new customers, personas are a must. If you feel that developing personas is too expensive, please reference myth #2 in our e-book learn how this indeed is not the case.