Myth #3 Following the Three-Click Rule – 5 Downfalls from a Sloppy Navigation

No matter how stellar your content might be, and no matter how vivid and relevant your images, if your visitors can’t properly navigate your website, nothing good is going to come of it. Here are five things that can happen if you don’t optimize your website’s navigation right away.

#1 – Your Visitors Will Get Lost

When your visitors have to filter through tons of information, menus, and tabs just to find the information they came to find, they’ll get lost. For example, if you’re selling organic cleaning products, and your user wants to know whether those products contain lemon, it shouldn’t take too long for your visitor to find the list of ingredients. It’s important to keep all of the information within three clicks, if possible.

#2 – They’ll Get Frustrated, Too

When your visitors find themselves clicking around to find that list of ingredients, they’re going to get increasingly frustrated with each click they make. “Why is this so difficult? All I need is the ingredient list.” Think about the product or service you’re selling, and make sure that you provide information in such a way that your users will instinctively know where to look for it. This saves them frustration and decreases your bounce rate.

#3 – You’ll Lose Sales

If your website isn’t carefully organized, your visitors won’t be able to find the products they want. This means they just won’t buy from you. This is especially true if they aren’t familiar with your company. Remember that while you might know the category a particular product falls under, your visitors don’t. Simplify things for them, and they’ll be able to find what they want with ease. If you do it correctly, you’ll even introduce them to new products and information that could boost your sales.

#4 – You’ll Lose Credibility

A website that is particularly difficult to navigate can result in not only the loss of sales, but also the loss of your company’s credibility. After all, part of building a brand and making your business known is developing an outstanding reputation through excellent customer service. If your website isn’t optimized for navigation, people will start to talk – and they’ll go to your competitors’ sites for the things they need.

#5 – Google Will Penalize You

Finally, clumsy and sloppy navigation does more than just hurt your reputation with your visitors. In fact, thanks to Google’s integration of user experience into its algorithms, it can even hurt your rankings. Google will rank your site based on several things, and that includes things like your bounce rate and the number of times a user has to click to find what they need.

As you can see, it certainly pays off to improve your website’s navigation, whether people access that site from a desktop, a tablet, or even a smartphone. You’ll want to make sure that people can find what they’re looking for in as few clicks as possible, all while providing them with the best possible customer experience and the most helpful information along the way.