Myth #4 Information “Above The Fold” – A/B Testing Call to Action Items is Important to Ensure Success

Great content, amazing images, and navigability are all important to your website, but if there’s one thing that will truly help to ensure that your website performs as intended, it’s your call to action items. These are what inevitably drive the visitor to click, call, provide information, or even buy, so making sure you’re using the best of the best is key. That’s why A/B testing your call to action items is so vital.

Understanding A/B Testing

The actual act of A/B testing isn’t difficult, but it certainly can take some time. The entire goal is putting up two different versions of a website, each of which has slight changes in the call to action items, and seeing which one performs best over time. After all, if your call to action isn’t working, why continue to spend the time and money to keep it active? You can switch to the one that provides you with better results and see improved conversion rates almost immediately.

Why You Need to Do It

Without A/B testing, it would take ages to figure out which call to action items are working better than others. For example, you can run one version of your website for 30 days and measure your conversions. Then, you can run a second version of your website with different call to action items – or even different placement – and measure those conversions. At the end of it all, you can compare, but this method still presents some issues. If one of those versions is a serious underperformer, then you’ve lost plenty of money and conversions over the 30 days it took you to run your test. A/B testing is a much better idea, and while it may cost a little more up front, it’s well worth it in the end.

Tiny Changes to Wording Matter

Changing one or two words in your call to action items can completely change the way people feel about your website. For example, if you’re selling books, you may choose to use one of the following two call to action items:

  • Get 10% off your first purchase! Order now!
  • Get an extra 10% off when you order now.

Although most people would put their money on the first option because it sounds more exciting, the truth is that the second option typically does better in A/B tests. Why? Since there are no exclamation points, the viewer isn’t feeling the same pressure. What’s more, the addition of the word “extra” indicates that the visitor may be able to save more than just 10%. This means the visitor is more than likely going to click that button to discover other discounts.

As you can see, A/B testing is an integral part of your website’s ultimate success. It’s by far the best and most effective way to boost your website’s conversion rate, and at the end of the day, it can help you figure out which call to action items are working best with certain groups of people.