Myth #5 Content Comes Last – Why Good Content is Crucial for Website Conversions

All too often, content is the very last thing people think about when it comes to website development. They’re more concerned about the layout of the site, its operation and navigability, and even the imagery. However, the truth is that good content is crucial for website conversions for a few different reasons.

It’s Educational

The way your website looks and behaves is incredibly important. Great images, simple navigability, and overall ease-of-use will take you a long way. Though these things can give your website viewers an amazing first impression, the truth is that these things do not tell your visitors much about your company or your product. Content is necessary for website conversions because it tells a story. It’s the only real way to let your visitors know why you’re there, what you offer, and how your product or service can solve their problems. Essentially, it helps to set your visitors’ minds at ease and gives them the ability to make informed, educated decisions regarding your company.

It Can Make You Authoritative

Content is also important because it can set you apart from your competitors. You should strive to become the authority in your industry or niche, and the best way to do this is to provide authoritative content that serves a valuable purpose for your audience. For example, if you own an auto body shop, your goal should be to convince your audience that you know more about the industry than any of your competitors. Content describing the processes you use to repair vehicles or even the scientific reasons why paint oxidizes and rusts will make your visitors feel like you know exactly what you’re doing. That’s vital for conversions.

It Convinces People to Act

Calls to action are important for websites, and this is true whether you’re trying to get people to call you, provide an email address, book an appointment, or make a purchase. However, telling people to buy a product or service without telling them why they should buy isn’t a good marketing tactic. With good content, you can give readers all of the benefits you have to offer, tell them how your product or service will solve a problem they’re experiencing, and give them a reason to act right now.

It Boosts Your Website Views

Google’s ranking algorithms have changed quite a bit over the years. While they once focused almost solely on keywords and their density, these days, it’s all about the overall user experience. Nonetheless, content is still one of the most important variables in these algorithms, so it’s not something you should put together haphazardly. Keywords are important, but so is relevancy, phrasing, font size, text placement, and more. These things boost your Google ranking, which gets you more views – and you can’t improve your conversion rates without views.

In today’s day and age, a great website is important to the success of any business. Unfortunately, in many cases, content gets pushed to the bottom of the priority list. If you want to improve your conversions, make sure you’re providing your visitors with the best possible content for improved customer experience, and make sure it’s optimized in such a way that you can improve your rankings and get more views.