Publishing HTML5 Content for iOS

This is an extension of our previous post about building HTML5 apps for digital signage.

So you have built an impressive interactive presentation showcasing your product for a large touch screen. Now, how to you make it available to a wider audience? How do you give it to your sales team in the field?

Enter the Baker ebook framework.

The Baker Framework allows a developer to easily wrap any HTML5 presentation into a native iOS app for distribution. Baker defines an ebook specification called “HPub.” In a nutshell, HPub is a package of HTML files and assets along with a manifest file defining the properties of the book. The Baker iOS app loads the HPub and renders it in a webview on your device. It supports any HTML5 video, audio, and fancy animations you can come up with.

To learn more about the Baker Framework or to discuss developing custom ways to showcase your product, send us a note. We’d be happy to help.

HTML5 content in Baker