Spotlight Moment: Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

When children become ill or injured, Salt Lake City parents take comfort in knowing there are facilities such as Primary Children’s Hospital that provides exceptional care. Without help from the Children’s Miracle Network, hospitals such as these would be unable to provide much-needed services to kids, many of whom have exceptional medical issues. Over the past 34 years, Children’s Miracle Network has provided more than $5.7 billion to assist with research, pediatric medical equipment, and charitable care, thanks to donations from everyday citizens just like you.

About Children’s Miracle Network

In 1983, John Schneider, Marie Osmond, Mick Shannon, and Joseph G. Lake got together to host a telethon, which raised close to $4.8 million. That money was distributed to 22 different children’s hospitals to help pay for adolescent medical care. Since that time, Children’s Miracle Network has expanded to include more than 170 hospitals in North America. Consider these statistics:

  • Children’s Miracle Network now assists more than 10 million children annually.
  • Each minute, 62 children will enter a Children’s Miracle Network partner hospital to receive care.
  • One out of every ten children in North America are treated at a Children’s Miracle Network hospital every year.
  • Charity Navigator rates this organization a four out of four stars, with an overall score of 91.16 out of 100 based on financial data, accountability, and transparency.

Type of Care Provided

Children’s Miracle Network provides assistance with everything from cancer to birth defects. Each day, Children’s Miracle Network hospitals treat more than 16,000 children affected by trauma, as well as 925 infants in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU). Many kids have unusual or unique medical needs, and are able to obtain the personalized, in-depth care they need only through donations to the Children’s Miracle Network.

How to Give

The majority of donations come from $1 “miracle balloon” purchases at business such as Costco, IHOP restaurants, Rite Aid, and Dairy Queen. Visit these establishments during their promotion, and you can purchase a balloon to be displayed with your name to show your support.

In addition, Marie Osmond and John Schneider have continued hosting telethons. These telethons air the first weekend in June, and are known as “A Celebration of Real Miracles.” Dance Marathons are held at various college campuses, and contestants in the Miss America Organization also raise money at the local, state, and national levels. Many corporations such as Marriott hotels and Delta Airlines partner with Children’s Miracle Network as well.

Many donations come directly through the organization’s website: Donate Today

One-time or recurring contributions can be made using a major credit card or PayPal. When donating online, you may also select which hospital you would like to direct your funds to.

To ensure that kids everywhere can continue to receive top-notch health care from highly-trained professionals across numerous medical specialties, we encourage you to “put your money where the miracles are” and support Children’s Miracle Network with your best financial gift. Who knows if someday your child or the offspring of someone close to you might benefit.

Check out Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals website today to learn more about their cause and find out how you can help!