Tech Startups Discovered at Collision 2014

When going to Las Vegas, you basically have two options on where to stay: the Strip or Downtown. You’d think the obvious choice would be to live it up by staying on the Strip, since that’s where all the action seems to happen. The Strip is where the well-known hotels, casinos and famous landmarks are. But perhaps staying Downtown wouldn’t be such a bad option. Over the past few years, there has been lots of construction in the Downtown area, causing there to be attractions that rival those you would find on the Strip. Although you can find plenty of older hotels and casinos Downtown that still offer good deals, modern and newer hotels and casinos are starting to draw people in.

Events that occur in Downtown Las Vegas also have been grabbing people’s attention. One of these events occurred just a couple of weeks ago, and Jonathan Greene from Digital Trike, as well as one of Digital Trike’s creative partners, Steve Kiger from Eight01, took the opportunity to see the brilliant minds and ideas behind other companies in the tech industry.

On May 13th and 14th, Collision 2014 was held in Downtown Las Vegas. Collision is a two day tech event run by the same team in charge of The Summit. The conference brought together 1,000 tech industry leaders and a curated group of early stage startups.

2014-05-13 15.18.10

Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote

2014-05-13 15.45.37 (1)

Chester J. Pipkin, CEO of Belkin

Jonathan learned a lot from the companies at Collision 2014 and wanted to share the knowledge he gained about their services to our current and future clients.

Eye Quant

Are you concerned about whether or not your website is attracting visitors to contact you? Well now there’s no need to be worried with EyeQuant. EyeQuant has built an artificial intelligence system that can instantly predict how users will see your website, allowing you to create pages that are sure to leave an impression. All you need are screenshots of the landing pages you wish to analyze, and EyeQuant is able to show you the areas on those pages where visitors will look at first. Have a marketing message on your homepage you want to make sure stands out? EyeQuant can make this happen with their unique services.

See what EyeQuant can do for your company today.


Everyone wants to make sure they use the most secure resources available when sending and receiving money. Dwolla is one of the most secure tools out there. According to their website, their mission is to “Allow anyone (or anything) connected to the internet to move money quickly, safely, and at the lowest cost possible.” They have built their own payment network that securely connects to your bank account and allows you to move money for only 25 cents per transaction. When you pay with Dwolla, you share only your email address, phone number, or a unique Dwolla ID. By not using your debit or credit card, you have more control over your information and don’t have to worry about identity theft and fraud.

Check out Dwolla for yourself to get started on transferring money without the hassle.


Are you wishing for the day when we could just tell the lights to turn off without getting up to flip the switch, or ask the T.V. to go to your favorite channel without pushing any buttons on the remote? Wit.AI has created Wit Speech API, allowing your app, device or website to stream audio to their server and get actionable data in return, such as turning off the T.V. or turning on the lights. Wit.AI has focused all of their energy to creating the simplest developer experience possible. Using their website, you can be up and running in just a few short minutes. To call the API, all you have to do is rely on the client-side SDKs that handle audio recording and streaming for iOS, Android or simple webpages. You can also use the HTTP interface to stream live audio or post a sound file.

Interested in building your own voice interface? Experience the power of Wit Speech API for yourself!


Orchestrate unifies multiple databases through one simple REST API. Orchestrate runs as a service and supports queries like full-text search, events, graph, and key/value. In the meantime, you could store your data with us here at Digital Trike!

User profiles require a fast, flexible data model. A key-value model is ideal for storing data identified by a unique key. The Orchestrate REST API is able to store profiles in a schema-less key/value object. Orchestrate automatically creates a full-text search index for every object you store. With just a single call to the REST API, your app has search.

When you click “Add Friend,” the application calls the Orchestrate Graph API and just like that, a new relationship is created. The Orchestrate REST API traverses relationship graphs fast as well.

Building a scalable, fault-tolerant timeline is tough. The Orchestrate Event API tracks events, like relationship status changes, reliably.

Since we all love sharing and finding new locations to visit, Orchestrate soon will make Geospatial a single REST API call.

Don’t wait any longer to see what Orchestrate can do for your company.


Syncano is a backend as a service in the cloud that makes it easier for app developers to synchronize and scale data across devices and servers in real time. Allow your data to flow seamlessly across multiple devices and servers with real-time sync. Data storage allows you to store data temporarily or permanently. You can even create any data structure using hierarchies and many-to-many relations. And last but certainly not least, manage who can access your data and differentiate user experiences.

Find out why Syncano is unlike anything you’ve seen before.


Hearing the word “survey” makes us cringe and turn the other way. Not anymore! Survmetrics focuses on creating an amazing survey experience for all. Their surveys include a powerful and intuitive design that creates a better user experience for the surveyor and the surveyees. You have the ability to create short surveys and analyze data instantly, or create and advanced instrument for a deeper analytics opportunity. Survmetrics’ results takes you closer to your customers by including tools like interactive charts and advanced real-time visualization engines to provide a complete understanding of your clients.

Want to have fun creating and taking a survey for the first time ever? Make it happen with Survmetrics.


Some of the top companies have learned that in order to maintain a relationship with their customers, they have to engage with them. And today, people engage mainly through social media with photos and videos. Chute unlocks the value of visual media by giving companies insights about the customer’s behavior, location, and products, allowing for interaction to be as easy as ever.

Chute is a comprehensive visual brand engagement platform. They help brands and publishers discover consumer photos and videos, organize them, secure the rights to them and publish them in any form, from mobile apps to banner ads to billboards and everything in between. Chute can also work with you by giving insight on using the visual media you obtain to create an online photo gallery, a contest or kicking off an ad campaign. Chute will work with your idea to turn it into a reality.

Want to engage with your customers and feel like a superhero while doing it? Check out how with Chute.


Tired of waiting for approvals from app stores each time you want to A/B test of make changes to your app? Well now you don’t have to wait. Instead, push live updates to your users in minutes with Apptimize.

Appimize allows you to gradually roll out new features to a subset of your users. You are able to test for bugs and assess initial customer reactions. If all goes well, simply increase the number of users who are able to see the new features. But if you happen to spot a bug after adding new users, you have the ability to turn off the feature immediately without waiting for days for a new build to be approved.

Don’t wait to make the necessary changes your app requires. Get on board with Apptimize today.


Do you ever feel like your head is spinning at 100 miles per hour with all you have going on in your busy life? It may be time to get organized with Teemo.

Teemeo is your personal online assistant. Manage your projects, information, and your teams effectively without any hassles. Be organized everywhere you go by having all the information you need right at your fingertips, and manage your tasks where you want, when you want. Share everything with one click. Easily store and share files as well as their previous versions. Distinguish your deadlines by priorities, projects and employees, from your calendar updated in real time.

Don’t wait another minute to get your life in order. Teemeo is a great deal in order to help you out a great deal.

In Conclusion

As you can see, these startups have some pretty neat and unique services. Since we at Digital Trike strive to serve our clients in the most efficient ways possible, we’re always looking into startups such as these to see if there’s a way we can work with them and integrate their services into our own projects. There’s no doubt that working with any of these companies would be amazing, and we’re eager to see if we can make it happen. Contact Digital Trike today to see if your idea could use some additional guidance from one of these companies.