The Benefits of Working For and With Small Companies

This past week, Ben Newbold, who works for Digital Trike as the Chief Product Development Officer, gave a presentation at the University of Utah. During his presentation, Ben gave some insight on what the realities are of working for small tech companies, such as Digital Trike. For today’s blog, we took some of Ben’s thoughts and turned them into what some of the benefits are of working for and with small companies. After all, we have experienced these benefits firsthand. We hope you’re able to get a glimpse of what it’s like here at Digital Trike, if you haven’t gotten a glimpse already!

Benefits of working for a small company

For those of us currently working at Digital Trike, we all have our reasons why we continue to stay. However, all of us would agree that we are passionate about the work we are doing and enjoy seeing the results of the hard work we do for our clients. To us, a small business like Digital Trike can offer a number of unexpected benefits, including the chance to:

Get noticed by people in the company who matter

Smaller businesses hire employees with many different skill sets. This means one employee could be doing multiple things using their unique skill sets. This allows employees to become more knowledgeable about the skill sets of others and possibly adding the skill sets they’ve learned to their own portfolio someday.

Build strong relationships with employees of all levels

Small businesses tend to have less hierarchy, which means you could actually work with (not just for) your boss. This can open the door to mentoring and collaboration opportunities that might otherwise be miles out of reach.

Learn all aspects of the business inside and out

In a corporate setting, you’ll likely just see a tiny piece of what keeps the business running. Conversely, in a small business role, you’ll almost certainly get the chance to take part in projects that cross over into different areas.

Your exposure to more aspects of the business will likely be greater at a smaller company.

Diversify your skill set by participating in new projects

In a small business, resources can be limited. On the plus side, employees often get to follow projects from start to finish. So, instead of handling a small component of a larger project as you might in a big firm, you could be a part of the brainstorming, engineering and execution of a marketing campaign, product launch or other important project.

This can be an amazing way to learn on the fly and venture into new territory. Just remember that you probably won’t always love the task, and being a princess (or prince) about it won’t score you any extra points. Besides, those tasks are great for building character, right?

Explore your talents and discover what you love

Another major perk of trying your hand at new things is the chance to discover where you shine. The assumption is that once you graduate from college, you know what you want to do with your life, but the reality is that many people don’t. And, for those who haven’t found their calling, this opportunity can be huge!

You may learn you have a hidden talent for schmoozing clients, handling finances or thinking up new product ideas. Who knows? Many of those lucky people who absolutely love what they do often say, “I just fell into it.” And odds are that many of them discovered their true passion while working for a small business.

Make a big impact (and get credit for it)

Corporations are complex entities that rely on a number of departments and individuals to complete any given project. Each project may only play a minor role in the overall success or failure of the organization. On top of that, processes tend to move slowly through the different levels of management in a large business. This can dilute an individual’s chance of being recognized for performing great work.

In a small business, it is often completely the opposite. When you’re responsible for seeing a project through from start to finish, you’re more likely to have access to quick decisions (or even have the authority to—gasp!—make them) and get the credit you have earned.

Additionally, you could have the opportunity to make a real difference in the success of the business, since most projects are likely to have the potential to significantly impact a small scale operation.

Benefits of working with a small company

Small businesses have many advantages over their larger competitors. Much like trying to turn an aircraft carrier, larger companies are not as nimble and swift as small businesses. Large companies often are hampered by their size, making changes difficult and slow. Small businesses can also be more innovative and try new things because they are not slowed by past experiences and accomplishments. The pace of a small company is often very fast, and this speed is frequently an advantage in getting new products to market.

Here at Digital Trike, we may be small in numbers but we are filled with a desire to please our clients. This desire allows us to accomplish a variety of projects that can range from a simple website to a complex mobile application.

Additional reasons why hiring a small company, such as Digital Trike, is just as great if not better than hiring a large one include:


Small businesses experience less bureaucratic inertia. This enables them to respond to changes in the market more quickly than big companies that have to jump through their own hoops. Small businesses can maneuver where big businesses lack the speed. In a world that is continually speeding up, businesses are facing the challenge of adapting quickly.


Small businesses can be personal in ways that big ones cannot. This allows for more meaningful interactions between businesses and customers. Big companies spend massive amounts of money trying to create this same level of personal engagement.


When a business is a run by a smaller number of people, you often see more pure passion. That passion hasn’t been diluted by large staff and or altered by a compromised vision.

Best in their niche

It’s hard to please everyone, and where super companies are trying to please the majority a small business can zoom in on a niche and provide them with exactly what they need.

Straight Forward

Small business owners are far more likely to be directly involved with their consumers. This enables them to be more in tune with their customer’s satisfaction and concerns.

In Conclusion

We hope these facts about working for a small company, as well as working with a small company, give you a better idea of what the environment is like here at Digital Trike. All the benefits listed in this blog make Digital Trike a fun, energetic and exciting place to work for and with.