User Experience Becoming More and More Important

Just as consumers turn to mobile apps to save them time when shopping, or to gather information, or even to listen to their favorite music, employees are also turning to enterprise apps for work-related purposes. However, there’s a problem with today’s enterprise apps – they’re not very user-friendly, and that poor customer experience is turning employees off. Here’s why user experience is becoming more and more important when it comes to enterprise mobile apps.

A Compelling Survey

A recent article published on the Society of Human Resource Management website shed some light on the way employees feel about their enterprise apps. Nearly 4,000 workers who had access to these apps were surveyed, and only 12% of those people – roughly 480 of them – used those apps on the job. This is quite problematic for companies who put thousands of dollars into app development, and it’s even more problematic when one considers the added efficiency these apps could bring if they were more user-friendly.

What’s the Difference?

The mistake that many companies are making when it comes to enterprise apps is a failure to incorporate user-friendliness. There’s a tremendous difference in an application that facilitates productivity but is difficult or boring to use and an app that facilitates productivity, is easy to use, and makes an employee’s life much simpler. After all, the most common mobile apps among consumers – including apps like Facebook, Amazon, Walmart, Snapchat, and others – are all designed with user experience in mind. There’s no reason why enterprise apps shouldn’t receive the same treatment.

What Makes an Employee Want to Use an App?

Enterprise apps should offer employees two things. First, they should provide information and/or features that will help an employee do his or her job more quickly and efficiently. Second, they should offer usability and dependability. If an employee attempts to use an app that constantly crashes, or if it’s difficult for an employee to find the information or feature he or she needs, that employee is likely to skip the app altogether and find a different route. Conversely, if the app is easy for the employee to use, then he or she is far more likely to use it to boost productivity.

Is Your App Boring?

The best way for you to figure out whether your app has the user experience factor covered is to download it and use it yourself. Pull up the app and go through the menus, noting the amount of time it takes to find certain pieces of information or features. Pay attention to the interface, colors, and fonts. Is the interface clear? Do the colors and fonts make it easy to read the information you’ve found? If you notice flaws, it’s time to revamp your enterprise app to make it more user-friendly.

Although completely redesigning your enterprise application may seem like quite a daunting task, the truth is that it’ll pay for itself quickly through improved employee productivity and better workplace morale. The difference a well-designed app can make is quite surprising, so make sure you’ve covered all your bases.