Myth #1 Website Design – Build It and They Will Come

In our e-book, we discussed several myths about website design that could cost people time and money. One of those myths is “build it and they will come.” Here, we’ll talk about the reasons why simply building a website isn’t enough to drive traffic and improve conversion rates – and some things that can be done about it.

People Need to Know You’re There

Building a website is a fantastic step for any business to take. It signifies an online presence, and it gets a company’s foot in the virtual door. However, simply building that website isn’t enough to get people to visit. That website will need plenty of optimization, which takes time and patience. It’s also important to advertise that website in a variety of places so that people can find it. Otherwise, the shiny new website may just sit on a server somewhere gathering dust.

Optimizing the Website

First things first, the website needs to be search engine optimized. Otherwise, people who search online for the products and services being offered will never find them. Content is a great way to optimize a website; the proper use of keywords and placement can help drive search rankings. User experience is also very important. If someone visits the site and can’t find the information they need within just a few seconds, they’ll “bounce”, and this can drive search rankings down quite quickly.

Putting the Website Everywhere

Something else that is important for getting the word out involves making sure that the website URL is everywhere. It’s possible to include it on business cards, social media sites, product packaging, and almost every advertisement online and off. Once again, if people aren’t aware that the website exists, they can’t visit it, and the website can’t do its job, whether that involves converting visitors to buyers, generating leads, or simply providing information to valued customers.

Using Social Media to Interest People

It’s also possible to use social media to drive people to visit a website, and this can be done in a variety of ways. Once or twice daily posts can include a link to the website, as can paid Facebook ads. Contests are another great way to get people to the website; simply asking people who see the post to like and share it can improve overall visibility, which is important for traffic. If a blog is posted to the site regularly (and it should be), then this provides an excellent opportunity to drive traffic through social media.

Making Use of a Business Network

Finally, many businesses help one another out when it comes to traffic generation. For example, two companies may partner up and advertise one another’s websites through their own social media accounts or blog posts. This can nearly double exposure, which is always a great thing. The more business contacts, the more ways to get the word out and drive traffic.

Simply building an amazing website isn’t enough to get people to visit. People need to know the site exists, and social media, SEO, advertising, and business networking can all help improve that visibility.