Myth #1 Website Design – A Logo Doesn’t Really Matter for Our Branding

When a company doesn’t have a logo, it’s missing out on a huge opportunity to create an identity for itself. In our e-book, we discussed some of the most prevalent myths surrounding website design. Here, we’ll delve a little deeper into branding and the myth that a logo doesn’t really matter.

Understanding the Purpose of a Logo

Without a logo, a company has no identity and no single graphic that sets it apart from others. When thinking of a company as a human body, the logo is like the face. It is the company’s identity and the thing people see first – the single graphic that separates it from all other companies. A logo consists of colors, shapes, fonts, and sometimes even entire phrases that are designed to provide essential information to consumers who view it and ties into the company’s core brand.

Designing Logos

Designing a logo isn’t as simple as it often appears. What makes sense to the designer or company owner may not be comprehensible to potential customers. The logo needs to portray at least some general information about a company through color and style. Companies that are oriented around service – such as cleaning companies and banks – will often use round logos since these often portray a sense of trust. Conversely, an innovative tech company may use an angular logo since this makes consumers think of speed.

How Logos Create a Brand Identity

A brand identity describes a company. It tells consumers what that company does and even why it exists. Designers will often create a company’s logo before designing a website simply because the logo should be the standard by which everything else is measured. After all, website fonts, colors, and styles that contrast with a logo can make the entire site seem amateurish. Logos create a brand identity when they are placed everywhere, including business cards, flyers, stationery, product packaging, websites, internet advertisements, billboards, television commercials – wherever someone may experience a company. It makes the company memorable, and that’s very important.

Don’t Make These Mistakes

Understanding why a logo is important for a company’s brand is one thing, but creating a logo that works for that company is another. Many startups and entrepreneurships will get in a hurry with their logos. They don’t pay attention to positioning and size, and they may even surround the logo with other images that throw people off. What’s more, some companies create different logos for different purposes; for example, they may have one logo for their business cards and another logo for their product packaging. This is also problematic since it affects the company’s memorability.

A company’s logo is the face it presents to the world. It’s often the first thing people see when they interact with a company for the first time, and it’s also the one thing that people are likely to remember. It tells a story about a company, and it even elicits subconscious emotions from consumers. When it comes to branding, a logo always matters.