Welcome to Gentoo!

I wanted to announce a new feature that our blog is going to have from now on.  We’re going to have some regular blog posts on systems administration tasks related to LAMP stacks, and especially featuring some howtos related to Gentoo Linux.

My name is Steve Dibb, and I’ve been the full-time systems administrator for Digital Trike since early 2011.  I’ve been a user of Gentoo Linux for about eight years, and a developer for more than four of those  years.

At work, we use Gentoo Linux extensively, both internally for development and also in production for many of our clients.  In an attempt to give back to the community a little bit, I’ll be writing up some documentation, howtos and tips and tricks that I’ve run into while using Linux and Gentoo in particular.

Requests for covering certain topics are always welcome, as well as any feedback or corrections.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy our posts. 🙂