Do You Know What it Takes to Build a Corporate Website?

Today, the way companies engage their consumers and influence their purchasing decisions are quite complex. Product and pricing information is available right at the consumer’s fingertips almost instantly through multiple online channels. Social media platforms allow these same consumers to share experiences that are out of the company’s control. Consumers are clever enough to research a product online before buying it at the store, where they can see and touch the physical product for themselves.

In spite of the growing complexity of digital channels, the role of corporate websites remains of utmost importance. The messaging is under the company’s watchful eye, and content can be communicated in various forms. This makes corporate websites an important hub for all digital interaction, as well as a key research destination for potential customers.

Do you know what it takes to build a corporate website? There’s a lot of work that going into website development and most of the time, it takes many individuals specializing in different roles to make it happen.

Some of these roles include, but are not limited to:

  • Project Management
  • Front End Development
  • Digital Strategy (user interface, user experience, graphic design, etc.)
  • IT (system administrator, backend CMS, etc.)
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Manager
  • Emailing
  • Social (social media, blog, community management, etc.)
  • Analytics (SEO paid, SEO organic, SEO content analysis, etc.)
  • Media Assets
  • Content Writer
  • Lead Generation

Here at Digital Trike, we are on a quest to show just how much work is involved in building corporate websites through a short, 5-7 minute survey designed specifically for industry leaders. The data gathered through this survey will be valuable for everyone involved, as it will help to make sense of this complex bubble map:

Developer Tree

Do you believe yours or someone else’s input would be valuable to our survey? If so, please provide us your email so we can send you a link to the survey!

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