When Starting a Web Development Project, Get a Detailed Scope of Work from the Client

Many companies think that web development involves nothing more than a few clicks of a mouse to get a website designed and fully operational. However, this is by no means the case – a lot of effort, time and labor – and frustration – goes into each aspect associated with web development. As a result, it is crucial for site developers to ensure that they have received a fully detailed scope of work from their clients before getting started on any project.

What a Scope of Work Should Entail

Any web development project should have a scope of work that has been clearly defined before the work is started. This should include details such as the type of project being completed, estimated time that the project will take to complete, the amount of revisions that are included in the quoted price, billing milestones (if applicable) and the total cost of the project. All of this information should be clearly stipulated in an official contract that needs to be signed by the client and the developer or company who is performing the task.

Prevent the Dreaded Scope Creep

Scope creep is a term that is used to describe any project that grows beyond its original planned size, which often happens with web development projects where no contracts have been drawn up. For example, clients will initially provide a basic idea of how the end result – namely, the website – should look and function. A short while into the project, the developer will be contacted by the client in order to ‘make a few small changes that won’t take long’ like background images, color changes or even changes to the original content. This will often result in a project taking a lot longer to finish than planned, which will result in frustration being experienced by the client and the developer.

Keep Clients Happy

Many clients will become anxious if they do not hear back from the developer – even if an initial completion date for the project has been set. As a result, it is crucial to ensure that there is regular communication between a developer and client (unless the client has specified otherwise). Upon completion of the project, a developer should also inform the client that regular updates should be budgeted for, as they will be required at some point in order to keep the site as high as possible in search rankings. If the client agrees to have updates performed in the future, reminders can then be sent in the form of emails.

Once a scope of work has been agreed upon for any web development project, it is essential that both parties keep to their end of the deal. For the developer, this means that the project should be completed and delivered on time – or even early, if possible. The client should also understand that additions not initially quoted upon will be billed for additionally. Companies who need website design projects completed should not hesitate to contact us today.