Why Encouraging Your Child to Learn Web Development Now is a Good Thing

If you are anywhere from 30 to 40 years old (and maybe younger), you might be able to remember using BASIC on the first common computers to create your first programs. You were doing much more than just having fun with pretty colors on the screen; you were actually learning how to code. Although many schools no longer offer these fun experiences, you should still encourage your child to learn web development now.

Your Child’s Future

As a parent, one of the things you want most for your child is a successful adulthood. Think about this: there are twice as many college graduates working minimum wage jobs today than there were only five years ago. Why is that? People simply get the wrong education. Although it is certainly important for your child to choose a career path that suits his or her talents and preferences, it is also important to choose a career path that is in-demand. The good thing about learning how to code is that it is an incredibly versatile skill that can serve your child well whether he wants to become a website designer or even a video game developer.

The Incredible Growth of Technology

When our generation were children, we learned computer skills on very, very slow machines. They had no storage space whatsoever, and in order to get them to perform even the simplest of tasks, we had to learn basic code. These days, we carry computers that are 100,000 times faster in our pockets in the form of smartphones. They have as much as 10 million times the memory of early computers, too. The awe-inspiring part is the fact that this little device can connect to every other computer in the world and can access absolutely anything – every little bit of knowledge the human race has can be found on that smartphone. The world is a rapidly changing place, and children need to be prepared.

Britain’s Ode to Code

Although much of North America is behind and our children are no longer learning to code at young ages, Britain has certainly changed their outlook. Today, they have programs such as the Young Rewired State, the Code Academy, and the Code Club – all geared toward children who want to learn the basics of web development. Why? Because the future demands it. People no longer use maps; they use software. People no longer read actual books; they use internet-connected reading devices. People do not even write down their shopping lists. They use apps to do it for them. The next generation needs to be able to anticipate the needs of the public and create the apps and services they demand.

It is true that not every job your child could possibly have will require coding. Despite this, learning how to code is important. It promotes computational thinking, which is a unique set of skills that allow for complex problem solving. In turn, coding teaches your child how to manage large problems by breaking them down into smaller ones. These skills apply not only to your child’s career, but also to his or her adult life in general.