Why Games are Becoming More and More Difficult to See Explosive Growth

Many game developers become disillusioned when they notice that only a few people are showing interest in their latest creations. However, it has been noted that, overall, there has not been much of an explosive growth level in the gaming industry of late. This could be due to a variety of reasons, some of which are mentioned below.

Poor Intros

In most cases, game players want to simply ‘get on with it’ and not have to suffer through long, drawn out introductions before any actual gaming can start. Right from the very beginning of game development, it is crucial to provide reasons for players to want to stick around. As a result, the game’s initial title screen should get players hooked, while a fast loading time should keep them wanting more. The first level should offer just enough info to make them want to get to the next level.

Targeting Saturated Parts of the Market

Although a game development specialist may have chosen a niche market for his or her latest creation, chances are that this may not be enough to boost the game’s popularity levels that much. With the amount and types of games that are available today, it is extremely rare that someone comes up with an idea for a game that is completely new and unique. Even if a particular new game fulfils a need in the current market, most players will still remain loyal to original gaming developers.

Not Enough Updates

Regardless of the type of game development that is being done, players require numerous updates in order to stay interested in the gameplay itself. Research has shown many times over that in order to keep players interested in a game, updates need to be provided at least once a month to once every three months. It’s also important to ensure that updates are kept small so that they can be performed as quickly as possible; otherwise users may lose interest and not bother to play any further.

Gameplay is Too Difficult

The level of difficulty in any game should be tested by people who are not actually gaming developers. This will then enable developers to see which parts of a game need to be reworked or where minor tweaks need to be made. It is crucial for game development specialists to ensure that every single aspect of a beta game is thoroughly tested – right down to the controls and commands. If controls are slow or unresponsive, it will cause gamers to seek their thrills elsewhere instead. The beta testing stages also provide an ideal opportunity for any annoying little bug to be sorted out as well.

Each stage of a game should be action-packed and make the player feel like he or she is being rewarded for any achievements made. For any type of game to experience explosive growth levels today, it will need to offer something completely new and fresh, while still holding a player’s interest for a reasonable length of time.