Why “How Web Design Goes Straight to Hell” is Right

When it comes to web design, there’s one saying that those designing a website need to keep in mind: “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.” Although many features can make a website stand out from the rest, going too far could be a recipe for disaster.

In the Digital Trike office, we have a poster titled “How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell.” After working with many clients on building a variety of websites, we have seen this poster come into play for a few of our projects. It’s quite interesting to look back on past projects and then realizing how spot on this poster is.

To avoid your future or current website from failing miserably in the end, here’s a list to consider as recommended by the “How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell” poster and some insight on how us at Digital Trike handles these situations using our reliable services of Think, Design, Code and Optimize.









Digital Trike sets only realistic expectations, ones that have a purpose and strategy behind them. If a client comes to us with an idea in mind, we make sure to examine the idea with great detail and give recommendations to meet your objectives and your customers’ personas foremost.










As funny as it can be, you may have had the right website at the time it was created. Unfortunately, technology and design does evolve over time and can quickly make your website look obsolete if it is not updated or maintained over the years. Who is your customer? Do they have the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy? Is your website in top shape enabling your customer’s persona to view the information needed to get their attention? Digital Trike provides a flexible growth plan for your website through maintenance to ensure you retain your edge.












Any design provided at Digital Trike will make every attempt to meet your customers personas, taking into account your brand, your user’s experience, purpose of the website and any particular objective you may have. This is indeed the high point. Every aspect of design is taken into account.








A fresh eye with perspective is always welcome and we certainly don’t mind changing a few small things here and there for you. After all, it is your website and we want you to be confident about the end product.








Suddenly, one change become two, and three, and four…. As minor as they seem, any change can mean taking a drastic turn in the strategy and design of the original plan for the website.









Sure, your family and friend’s opinions are great, but they weren’t there when you discussed the plan behind the new website. They will only see the visual idea of the website, not the purpose, strategy, experience or customer persona it intended to target. Who is the customer now?









When you lose sight of a project, we are certain that one will quickly give up. We, at Digital Trike, aim to help you complete your project. Side-tracked by the many changes, the deadlines start to change. You must now wait a little longer to launch and reap the benefits from your new website. We sympathize with you and wish we could just roll back to what was once plain and simple at the beginning, with a clear path in mind, clear direction and aimed to meet your customer’s needs, wants and personas. This was all done at the beginning through Think and Design.









Here at Digital Trike, we do say that our clients are in control (at the handlebars of a tricycle), but it appears that the client is no longer riding the tricycle. The client is smashing the tricycle. We enjoy what we do and provide. We respect your opinions and will do our best to retrofit them. Keep in mind, we Think hard for you so that your customers can find you. Our job is to think of your customers first, the purpose of your website and the experience your users will face to guarantee the success of your end product.












In product development, it is often said that the person who generates the most amazing idea, may not be the right person to execute the idea to succeed. There are salesmen for a reason, stylists for a reason, educators for a reason. Digital Trike wants to be your designer for a reason. We want to partner with you to provide you the best design there can be based on the purpose of your website, your organization’s objectives and customer personas.

Has it synced yet? Your design is not necessarily about you but about your customers personas and the purpose of your website. Everyone often gets caught in the politics of personal preference to soothe confidence when we should all, including us at Digital Trike, aim to create a design that meets the eye of the beneficiary.

In Conclusion

We hope you were able to see how Digital Trike uses our services (Think, Design, Code and Optimize) to avoid a messy web design situation. Our success as a company comes when we create a successful product for our client, and we enjoy helping our clients succeed in any way possible.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us if you need a new website, software tool or mobile application for your company. We are eager to help your technology ideas come to life!