Why It Is Now More Important than Ever to Hire App Developers in the U.S.

Thanks to the rapid advancements being made within the mobile device industry, app development has become one of the most popular forms of software development. The high costs involved with creating, developing and releasing apps to the mobile market has meant that many people have hired cheaper mobile developers from countries like China, India and other overseas countries. Unfortunately, this has been shown to pose a range of security risks for end users of these apps.

Bundled Malware and Trojans

When downloading apps, most mobile device users don’t give a second thought to the size of the app itself. However, it was recently noted that some of the top 10 most popular flashlight apps that were developed in other countries like Russia and China were offering users far more than just the basic run-of-the-mill functionality of a traditional flashlight. Many of them also contained extra coding, which enabled them to access a phone’s contact lists, scan a phone’s storage to access banking passwords, personal photos and data, geo-locate users, copy various documents, see what other apps are installed or even access Wi-Fi connections without users even knowing about it.

Questionable Privacy Policies

The report, which appeared on www.cyberdefensemagazine.com, went on to mention that, in addition to malware that came bundled with the foreign-built apps, the privacy policies that mobile device users had to agree to in order to download and use them, were extremely questionable. In many cases, users had to agree to the app tracking their location, accessing contact lists and “any other information deemed necessary to enhance the functionality of the app” before they would be permitted to download and use it. As the report stated, “Why does Brightest Flashlight (app) need to geo-locate you?” After all, is it not supposed to ‘only be a flashlight app that provides light as needed?’

Hire Local Developers

As a result of the numerous security and privacy concerns that are associated with numerous foreign-built apps, it is strongly recommended that companies hire U.S.-based technicians to perform the various tasks associated with app development. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is strongly committed to protecting the privacy of US citizens, which has resulted in them filing a number of lawsuits against questionable privacy policies that are bundled with most foreign-based mobile apps, with one of the most recent ones being filed against Brightest Flashlight. App developers who operate on U.S. soil are bound to work according to privacy regulations that are set out by the FTC.

Although it is more costly to hire U.S-based techs to perform app development, the privacy-related concerns that are associated with hiring overseas developers to perform this task are simply not worth the risk. However, at the end of the day, it is also crucial for all mobile phone users to ensure that they thoroughly inspect all of the privacy-related terms and conditions associated with an app before downloading it or granting it any permission on their devices.