Wiki Wiki What?

What is a Wiki? In Hawaiian, it means fast but in the technical world, a Wiki is an internal place that provides centralized easy-to-access information about any topic that someone internally has decided to write about. Kind of like a communal blog but easier and more functional.

We use our Wiki to organize and hold our many guideline documents, meeting minutes, varied to-do lists, our how-to notes, explanations of certain problems and solutions and helpful programming ideas so we don’t have to reinvent every wheel we use every time. It also gives us a place to dump random, amusing, inter-office jokes if we feel so inclined.

Why start a Wiki? Well, for many of the reasons listed above but also to create a common place for company information that can be accessed and edited by whomever. It is the “green” version for a paper memo. You can categorize however you want and post whatever you feel is necessary. It also allows WYSIWYG editing with JavaScript or ActiveX control so that what you write will be translated with the proper HTML tags. So the real question is: why haven’t you started a Wiki?

Setting up a Wiki is simple, as it should be. There are plenty of free wiki software platforms out there. The one we use found here is built specifically for documentation and is very simple to install and maintain. Even if you’re not tech savvy, it will be easy for you too. Some likable features we’ve found include:

  • Simple syntax
  • Unlimited page revisions
  • Section Editing allows editing of small parts of a page
  • Easy navigation through breadcrumbs
  • Automatic table of contents generation
  • Locking to avoid edit conflicts
  • Simple support for read only pages
  • Extended access control lists
  • Ajax-enhanced interface
  • Customizable user interface

Now you know. Go try it out. Check out the Wikipedia page for more information.